Go Bold — Missional among skeptics
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Go Bold 3 Discussion Guide


More and more we are encountering people who do not believe in or are skeptical of the Gospel. Culture as we know it is not the same as it used to be or as accepting of the message the Church has to offer. This week talked about what it looks like to be missionally minded with our neighbors, even the skeptical ones. 

1. We are called to reach our neighbors. 

2. In order to reach our skeptical neighbors we have to have boldness in our message 

3. Our skeptical society will see these ideas are strange and far-fetched. 

4. The Holy Spirit does the convincing and the convicting. 

If we want to reach our skeptical neighbors we have to… 

  1. Get their attention 
  2. Make it attractive 
  3. Live as a demonstration
  4. Do it with conviction