Go Bold – The Holy Spirit In You
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Go Bold – 5 CG

The Holy Spirit is often overlooked, misunderstood, avoided, or even forgotten. Jesus is not content with us living a life apart from Him so He sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in the hearts of those who would receive Him. This is one of the main reasons for Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection: to send the Holy Spirit to bring us into union with God which leads us to eternal life, sanctify us, and prepare us for the life with Jesus. 

  1. Jesus came to bring us into union with God. 
  2. God in us is better than God with us. 
  3. The Holy Spirit is a good gift. 

What does the Holy Spirit do?

a. The Holy Spirit teaches us about Jesus. 

b. The Holy Spirit comforts, counsels, and corrects us. 

c. The Holy Spirit give us gifts and leads us.